Personal Power II: The Driving Force!

Personal Power II was my third experience with Tony Robbins, and it was the first audio program I ever listened to. I discovered Personal Power II accidentally after reading Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within. I was searching for additional books by Tony Robbins, read the glowing reviews of Personal Power II, and then downloaded the first four CDs from iTunes. By the end of the first day I ordered the full 30-day, 24-CD set and I was actually concerned that I wouldn't get the CDs in time before I finished the first four audio downloads!

The format for Personal Power II is one CD per day, five days per week with assignments for each day that are related to the information on that day's CD. The shortest session is around thirty minutes, and the longest is about an hour. The majority of the lessons are approximately forty-five minutes.

Included with Personal Power II is a printed journal that includes the homework assignments. You may find, as I did, that a regular notebook is a better journal. No offense to Tony Robbins, but the picture of him staring at me on the front cover of the journal just didn't work for me.

Each new day builds on the material from previous days, new distinctions are made, and the listener progresses from a basic understanding of Tony Robbins' success strategies to a deep, refined, and well rounded understanding of his more profound ideas. Some of the material is taken directly from Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within, but I didn't find that bothersome in any way. I enjoyed the subtle nuances and emphasis that only the spoken word can convey.

The 20 CDs that comprise the daily lessons discuss the following topics:

1: The Key to Personal power

2. The Controlling Force that Directs Your Life

3. Taking Control: The First Step

4. The Science of Success Conditioning™

5. What Everyone Wants and How You Can Get It!

6. The Power of Focus

7. Values and Beliefs: The Source of Success or Failure

8. How to Take Complete Control of Your Life

9. The Power of "Why"

10. Creating Your Future: The Goal-Setting Workshop

11. Success Conditioning™: The Power of Rituals

12. Anchoring Yourself to Success

13. How to Condition Yourself for Wealth

14. Ending Financial Self-Sabotage

15. Overcoming Fears of Failure and Success

16. Eliminating Self-Sabotage: Creating Unstoppable Self-Confidence

17. How to Increase Your Energy

18. The Power of Successful Relationships

19. How to Solve Problems Quickly and Effectively

20. My Personal Challenge to You

Personal Power II also includes The Driving Force: The Six Human Needs (Parts I and II) on two CDs.

So How Does Personal Power Work?

The format for Personal Power II, like many audio programs, is listen, do something, absorb the material, implement it, repeat. After the first few days introduce and sell the rest of the program, each day then becomes very specific and, in my opinion, very useful. I often found myself listening to a CD for a second time on the same day to really absorb the distinctions (this was easier for me because of my travel schedule and time in my vehicle).

I found considerable value in every day's lesson, but there certainly were days that really stood out for their excellence. I'm sure each listener responds differently to the material, but I found that a few lessons in particular really resonated with me. I've listened to those CDs on several occasions partly as a quick refresher and partly because the information they convey is so important.

One important consideration if you're interested in Personal Power II is deciding if you're willing to do more than listen to the CDs. If you aren't, save your money. This information isn't something that will work on you, it's information you can put to work for you. That means you must be willing to do the assignments (they're enjoyable and insightful), and you must be willing to take action in your life. If you're not willing to do either of these things, spend the cash on something else.

Don't Make These Mistakes

I made two mistakes the first time I listened to Personal Power II. First, I rushed. The material is so compelling that I listened to the first four lessons in a single day, (Keep in mind I'm also the same person who read Unlimited Power in a single day too - apparently this is a pattern.) Fortunately, I had to wait a few days to get the full 24-CD set, so I had time to listen to each lesson again in a single day so I had some time to absorb the material.

The second mistake I made was not taking the time to really do the assignments. I often listened to the CDs while driving to/from meetings with clients, and would put off the assignments. Later, when I committed to going through the entire course and doing the work, I was stunned by how much I had missed by rushing through or ignoring the assignments altogether. Don't make this mistake - commit to the journal part of Personal Power II and you'll be better off for it.

Who is Personal Power II for?

Personal Power II is for anyone who has heard of Tony Robbins and wants to know what all the hype is about, anyone interested in getting more out of his/her life personally, professionally, or both, athletes interested in peak performance, etc. Tony Robbins has worked with everyone from heads of state to Olympic athletes and there's a tremendous amount of value for anyone in Personal Power II.

Order Personal Power II from today. I can't recommend this audio program strongly enough. It's that good.