Is Tony Robbins a Fraud?

That may seem like a strange question on a web site that contains generally favorable reviews of Tony Robbins' books and audio programs. So why do I ask the question? The answer may surprise you.

As I mention in the about the reviewer section of this web site, I'm self-employed. Specifically, I work in Internet development building and promoting web sites. One day while researching Google traffic patterns, I learned that there are hundreds of searches every year for variations of the phrase "Is Tony Robbins a fraud"? When I searched for that phrase I was unimpressed with the results I found and decided to provide something better. It's easy to either dismiss Tony Robbins as a fraud (particularly if you read, but don't implement his ideas) or fall all over yourself complimenting him and his work. Neither extreme is very useful for someone truly interested in understanding the value of his books and audio programs. Instead, I think honest, objective information is much more valuable and that's what I have provided on this web site.

However, I need to add one caveat mentioned elsewhere. I have never attended a live Tony Robbins event. The reviews on this site are only of material I have first-hand knowledge of (books and audio programs). My opinion is that the ratio of value to cost in Tony Robbins' books and audio programs is dramatically in favor of the consumer.

And I think it's important to understand how Tony Robbins has evolved over time. The core of his strategies - and so much of the value - is in two books and a few audio programs. Much of what he has produced since seems to be that same material repackaged. Take advantage of this and get your hands on the original material first - you'll get the biggest bang for you dollar.

Criticism of Tony Robbins

The criticism I've found about Tony Robbins generally falls into three categories: factual errors/interpretations, the effectiveness of his strategies (i.e., do they work or not), and the longevity of his results (i.e., how long do these ideas actually work).

I've never read or heard the discussion about the megahertz value of food, but apparently Tony Robbins has made that claim and lots of people take issue with his assertions. Does that mean then that Tony Robbins is a fraud? Considering the overwhelming value of the rest of his material, I'm certainly willing to forgive him if he makes a few mistakes. First and foremost, Tony Robbins is a success / peak performance coach. If you're primarily interested in nutrition / fitness, find an expert in those fields. (I highly recommend Mark Verstegen's Core Performance: The Revolutionary Workout Program to Transform Your Body and Your Life. It's cutting-edge and absolutely amazing. And most importantly, it works.) You can certainly integrate what you learn from other experts with Tony Robbins' success strategies without fear of compromising anything. Actually, his strategies will probably help you more fully exploit what you learn from these other experts.

Do Tony Robbins' Success Strategies Work?

The simple answer is yes they do, as long as you're willing to make them part of your life. Reading a book or listening to an audio program will give you the tools you need, but they won't do anything if you don't make them part of your everyday life. It's that simple.

It's also important to understand the difference between internal and external tools. I've spoken with several people who have attended Tony Robbins events, including his famous firewalk seminar, and without exception they describe the experience as amazing - almost beyond words. However,the motivation and excitement generated at one of Tony Robbins' events is an external tool. The flood of ideas and knowledge will wear off eventually - sometimes very quickly.

To be truly successful, this information needs to be internalized. You need to take what you learn and make it part of your life. Use it, push his ideas to their limits for yourself and you'll discover their full value. And don't forget that Tony Robbins' success strategies are not something that work on you, they're ideas and information that work for you. Until they're internalized, they're worthless (which is true for virtually everything). You can read a thousand books about playing a piano, but until you sit down and start playing you haven't really learned anything.

And don't forget, Tony Robbins does not exist in a vacuum. The science behind many of his strategies has been around for more than thirty years and it has been continually refined by tens of thousands of practitioners worldwide. Tony Robbins popularized this information - and he's a master practitioner of it - but the methods exist independent of him as an individual.

Does it last? As long as you're willing to make this information part of your life the amazing results will last indefinitely. Does that mean you can make a few changes and distinctions in your life and never look back? I don't think so. But you'll have the tools to continually update and refine these distinctions as you live and grow, and ultimately success will build upon success. Make these strategies part of your life, continue working with and refining them, and you'll thank yourself for it over and over and over again.

So what's my answer to the question, is Tony Robbins a fraud? Based on what I've personally read and listened to by Tony Robbins, he's absolutely not a fraud. The information he presents is incredibly valuable and it works - as long as you're willing to use it. Nothing of value comes without a price, and the price you have to pay is diligence. Believe me, the payoff is worth it.